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Why do the Chaffee County Patriots Wave the American Flag?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The easy answer is, Patriots love what our Flag represents. We wave the flag once a month--but why? All our Flag Wavers seem to have a common Love of Country; therefore, a Love for the Flag that represents it.

Perhaps one of the reasons that people show up every month is “encouragement.” Most cars and trucks that pass by will honk, wave, and smile. That encourages the Flag Wavers and the Flag Wavers encourage the vehicles as they pass by!

One of the reasons I enjoy Flag Waving is that to me, it is an accurate poll. Perhaps more accurate than what we are told. I have been waving the American Flag faithfully for over two years and my takeaway is that 80-90% of the people Love America and Love its Flag!

Another benefit is it gives me a chance to pray for strangers, those that give me a positive response and those that flip me off. It struck me early on that those that flip me off are miserable people, and life has probably not treated them well--maybe bad relationships, job loss, loss of health. They might even believe the lies that the mainstream media tells them. With that in mind, it makes it easier to pray for them!

Love of America is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing. It is a Patriot thing!

~ Dennis Heap


Why are the Patriots Happy People?

Patriots seem to have three things in common: Love of God, Love of Country, and Love of Family. Love is the operative word and transfers to other aspects of their lives like work, recreation, friendship, and in general just enjoying life. Patriots are the glue of the American dream, because they are essential citizens and the people that you want as next door neighbors.

~ Dennis Heap

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